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Schwank case studies:

Low consumption is the maincriterion

„Schwank’s whole concept, as well as the low overheads, has convinced us. All from one source; for us as an operator a clear advantage.“

Ing. Krzysztof Kamaszewski, operations manager, Phoenix PHARMA Group

Gas heat pump from Schwank

The project

The Phoenix Group, with 28,000 employees, is the leading pharmaceutical distribution company in Europe. Today, Phoenix is a service provider for the pharmaceutical industry in 19 countries. The core competences are the storage of incoming and outgoing goods as well as returns of medicinal & pharmaceutical products and narcotics. One of the 153 distribution centres, which was currently heated by Schwank’s gas infrared heaters, was to be used as storage for sensitive pharmaceutical products in the future. Essential criteria for the storage of pharmaceutical products are a controlled temperature and air humidity. As soon as the values differ, the quality of the stored products is in danger. Accordingly, there were exacting requirements from Phoenix for a device that would not only heat but also cool.

The assignment

The all-season requirements of the heating & cooling system asked for an 18°C – 25°C room temperature range and a relative humidity level of less than 60 %. In addition to the already existing installations, a further system should take care of cooling in summer as well as fulfilling the humidity requirements. Because of the positive experiences with Schwank’s existing gas infrared heaters, it was decided that these heaters should be incorporated within the new heating & cooling concept. The regulation of the applications should make the compliance of the strict requirements measurable and enable a comfortable handling of both systems [heating & cooling]. By means of the strict requirements and energy costs the decision was easy: a gas heat pump.  Due to these strict requirements and the fact that low energy costs were of great importance, it became clear that only a gas heat pump would provide the requisite solution.

The implementation

In comparison with an electrically driven heat pump, the gas heat pump scored by means of low energy costs. The comparison of both systems showed that Schwank’s gas heat pump saved 25.6 % energy costs per year. To use the gas heat pump as the main heating & cooling system, an intelligent control system was integrated. The gas infrared heater will turn on when the outdoor temperature has reached -3°C and the gas heat pump will work as a secondary system. This ensures that the technology is the most efficient at any time.

The result

The gas heat pump of Schwank meets the strict requirements for storing pharmaceutical products and offers its customer a reliable solution with low energy costs. The combination of gas infrared heaters and an intelligent control convinced Phoenix.

Krzysztof Kamaszewski, operations manager of Phoenix: 

„Schwank convinced us with the overall concept. Now, we have just one contact person for the complete cooling & heating system. Moreover, the solution of Schwank convinces us with the low overhead costs – From our perspective the most logical solution.“