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Schwank Case Study

Heating & cooling with only one system – Comfortable climate for the production

„The decision for Schwank’s gas heat pump paid off, because of the easy integration and its safe and comfortable operation. Even with a 35°C outside temperature, the required 25°C indoor temperature is ensured.“

Ing. Witold Jablonski, managing director Jablonski

The project

CEI Cosmetic Essence Innovations is a New Jerseybased company focused on packing and filling high quality cosmetics and perfumes. With 6 subsidiaries worldwide, a production and storage area of more than 2.5 million m² and 336 million bottled units per year, CEI is an important partner for major perfume and cosmetic manufacturers. In 2008 CEI moved to a building complex, which includes a consignment stock of its customers, a special warehouse for perfumes and a 2,000 m² packaging and order picking system. Depending on the shift, up to 220 employees are working in the packaging facility. Thereby CEI is able to respond flexibly to seasonal changes in market and customer requirements

The assignment

Due to the increasing number of employees within the packaging hall, the usage behavior of the original building planning changed. With an outgoing heat energy of 100W per employee a simple to  heat building turned into a facility that also needed cooling in the summer. CEI decided to react: In cooperation with the landlord – the well-known investor group Segro – a cooling system for the packaging hall was investigated. The hall should be cooled in summer so as to not exceed a max. 25°C. The same system should heat the hall to 18°C in the winter. The installation and replacement  of the heating & cooling system had to take place during the daily operations.

The implementation

A large number of requirements had to be fulfilled due to the specific situation of the landlord and tenant. In addition to the lowest possible consumption costs, the comfort and the required temperatures were the main focus of attention. Especially as during the last couple of years problems with the employee´s satisfaction with the environmental conditions and their wellbeing in the summer months arose. Schwank’s concept of using a gas heat pump and connected VRF ventilation devices convinced Segro as well as CEI. The installation took place during the daily operations.

The result

The installed gas heat pump was able to demonstrate the performance right after the official handover and the introduction to Segro and CEI. In heating mode the warm air is comfortingly distributed equally in the entire facility. Already in the first summer the gas heat pump achieved its first brownie points from the employees. Even at outside temperatures of 35°C, the gas heat pump cooled the indoor temperature to 25°C.

Ing. Witold Jablonski is impressed by the handling and the performance of the heat pump:

“With the gas heat pump we can guarantee pleasant temperatures – even in summer. It promotes the performance and the well-being of our employees. Since then, no complaints have been received”